TWA Update 1.5.10

Quick TWA update….I still have one. Read more »


New Year New………

Happy New Year!! I know I’m like 5 days late but I’ve been busy. Very busy.  Read more »

Celebrity Curls – Aoki and Ming Lee Simmons

I was watching the “Queen of Fabulousity” (is that even a real word? You know you have hype when you can just create words at random!) Kimora Lee Simmons and I noticed that her two darling little girls have some well maintained curly heads.  Read more »

Celebrity Curls

Now that I’m a natural, I find myself paying a lot more attention to people’s hair in everyday life and in the media.  I find myself noticing more curls and kinks and as a result I’m adding a new category to the blog to capture my observations – Celebrity Curls.  Enjoy!


I’ve been thinking a lot about this blog: why I’m doing it, what direction I want it to take and how much time I want to spend on it.  I have to admit, blogging is not something I knew much about or ever desired to do.  Read more »

Post Conference Recovery

So I thought I was going to have time to work on the blog while I was at my conference….how about I barely  had time to eat and sleep!! Read more »

Sorry I’ve Been Away

So things have been crazy this past week, drama, drama drama. Read more »

Revelations and Routines


My next post was originally going to be about nutrition and fitness but I’ve had a few hair epiphanies that I just have to share.  Inspired by Curly Niki’s post about how black folk did their hair back in the day, I asked my mom about her hair (which I haven’t seen in decades due to her wigs but I vow that before I die I will know the truth).  Read more »

Product Testing Session – Curl Definition 10.25.09

So I’ve been reading about the Curly Girl Method (CG) on and I’ve been using modified CG routine for my hair.  Read more »

Thinking About Our Hair

Hello All,

I’m posting today to get some thoughts off of my head about kinky/nappy/textured hair.  So I’m entering my 3rd week post big chop, I’m feeling more comfortable/proud of my hair everyday.  I’m also enjoying the freedom from styling: not having to worry that working out will cause my hair to sweat out, not having to check my hair and see if it’s out of place during the day, not having to spend much time on it during the week and finally people can focus on my face more now that my hair is out of the way. Read more »