I’m really liking this new look

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First Step of the Journey

Hello Out There………

Is anybody here?  I think I’m chatting with myself but whatever!! This is my first post of my first blog.  I’ve been watching so many great videos on Youtube and  reading so many wonderful posts on Blogger that I’ve decided to share my experiences.

My main motivation for starting this blog is to discuss my experiences “going natural”.  I decided to stop chemically straightening my naturally nappy hair a few months ago.  I was motivated by my desire to stop putting dangerous chemicals in my body in order to improve my health/prevent disease.  I began a primarily organic/chemical free lifestyle this summer (this will be the topic of a future post) and I’ve seen tremendous benefits.  Then I realized, I’m spending all this money on fresh, preservative and hormone free food and yet I’m still putting this toxic chemical on my scalp every four weeks!!

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